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take years off your look, botox/xeomin will help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. nearly immediate results with the benefit of preventative care. full results 7-14 days after procedure & lasts up to 3-4 months. some patients have seen continued results up to 6 months.

wrinkle release

Target and smooth wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and frown lines to create a more youthful, hydrated appearance. | $12 per unit


lip flip

Achieve subtle pout-magnification by flipping out the lip line and rolling the lip gently outward to give the appearance of a fuller pout. | $100


brow lift

remove forehead lines, raise sagging eyebrows and reduce the appearance of upper eyelid hooding. | $100


gummy smile

Minimize the appearance of a "too gummy" smile. | $100



Relieve TMJ with Botox to the masseter muscles. Can also result in a slimmer lower face. typically x - y units used. | $12 per unit

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